Jo Baker

Thirty years ago my husband, Ricky purchased a small stunt kite while we were on holidays in sunny Queensland. From that small kite and his determination to master the art of flying it we now have a trailer full of kites of all shapes and sizes.

Discovering a kite shop not far from where we lived and then learning about a kite club we discovered that not only where there Kite festivals but you could actually compete with these stunt kites. By this time we were both hooked and we discovered Team Flying and later started flying single string.

We now have a large range of Single string, Dual line, Quad Line and even a buggy to play with. Our family of kiters has also grown, sons Trent aged 24 and Brett aged 23 are both capable Kite Fliers and have competed in events both in Australia and Overseas. Maggie is also a member of the team with her unique Kite creations.

While sitting at home with my first child, I started getting requests to go into schools and talk about kites. This would normally come about by teachers seeing us either team training or doing demonstrations at Fetes and Festivals. I decided to start Kites 4 Kids and for the last 23 years have being going into schools, pre-schools, after School & Holiday workshops all around Melbourne and in some country areas.