Sled Kites

Our Sled Kites are available in Kit Form.
Medium Sled – for those on a tighter budget.
Large Sleds – 76 cm X 60 cm Tyvek Sled Kite

They are made from Tyvek which is strong, durable, waterproof and can be easily decorated. They come complete with Instructions, Sticks, 1 long tail , kite line and handle. ( smaller kite has a much smaller handle)

The Sled kites are recommended for the older children as they are a little more complicated to assemble. They will be required to tie a few knots. I normally make these with kids from grade 5 and up.

These are great for School activities or school holiday programs. Scouts or guide groups. I package on orders so they can be any numbers. we keep lots in stock so they can normally be shipped out within a day.

Kites are FANTASTIC for Kids Birthday Parties. Its different, educational, fun, promotes fitness and is a healthy outdoor activity. It’s also a great way to involve parents and older siblings. The guests get a Kite that not only flies but they will get many more hours of enjoyment from.. a long lasting remembrance from the party..