Kite Making Workshops

Even today kites retain a fascination and the ability to build a good kite is a skill that is prized by many, yet seemingly possessed by few. Making a kite requires a combination of several skills. The maker must display a great deal of manual dexterity, must be able to read a scale plan and follow instructions if making a kite from a book, and most importantly, must be able to identify and solve the many problems that can prevent a kite from flying well. These skills are relatively easy to acquire, and can lead to many hours of enjoyment.

During our workshop students may learn through experience several important principles about graphic design; a design that looks great from less than a metre probably won’t look so good from 50 metres. They will discover the necessity for cooperation and communication between members of their group if they wish to produce their kites efficiently. When the finished product takes to the sky, the boost in confidence for some children is phenomenal. The thrill of watching the kites that they made fly provides positive reinforcement and motivates them to take their investigation of and experiments with kites much further.

We offer a range of kites suitable for Pre Schoolers to Adults. Our Workshops have been conducted in many Pre schools; Primary Schools, Secondary School, College’s and we have even conduct a workshop with homeless Adults, and Retirement Villages. Each Workshop is designed to the specific need of the group and very rarely are two workshops the same.

Most of our kites are made from Tyvek which is a durable and waterproof material. This is also an ideal fabric as it can be decorated in so many ways allowing the maker to put their own art work in the sky and giving them a truly one off creation.

Our workshops also include a talk on the History of Kites, Different types of kites and how to fly a kite safely.

Some of our kites are also available in Kit form. We supply everything, required to make a kite including the tape to put it together and an instruction sheet.

Please email me for further details on our Workshops.